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Brief: Los Angeles-based women’s clothing brand XCVI wanted to create an immersive brand experience for tapping their largest target audience. As an successful B2B retailer, XCVI wanted a wider, integrated marketing strategy designed in-house to maximize brand exposure and advocacy on their terms.

Activation: We collaborated with SF architecture team, Myriad Harbor to create a mobile unit of “art crates” that would fit comfortably in spaces ranging 900 to 3,000 square feet. The XCVI mobile retail store is designed as a bohemian bazaar that takes advantage of temporarily vacant spaces in existing luxury malls, moving in for a few months and then shipping out to the next location. Our challenge was to produce a retail experience that could occupy many different spaces in a meaningful way, be able to pack into a single moving truck repeatedly and dependably, and still create a quality boutique atmosphere. The design takes the classic wood shipping crate and contrasts a rough exterior with the warm cherry wood interiors and the lush colors of XCVI’s clothes. As shoppers weave through large wooden artist crates, lanterns and soft fabrics, they discover XCVI’s relaxed clothing, as well as hand-selected treasures from local artisans showcasing their craft.

– Temporary inline activations within some of the West Coast’s most premier malls
– Unique online micro-site that mimics offline experience
– Social media management and design
– Over 1,000,000 estimated impressions