We believe that the best communities are hyper collaborative and inclusive.

Through our relationships with local artists, small businesses, musicians and nonprofits and cultural institutions, we are committed to amplifying voices and varying perspectives to foster shared value. Since 2011, Isenberg Projects has produced hundreds of projects, pushing over 1 million dollars into the hands of the local creative economy.


Isenberg Projects was founded in 2011 and in early 2020 was officially certified as a women owned business in the State of Massachusetts. We are an integrated team of community strategists, creatives, tastemakers, deal makers, producers and artists – all obsessed with culture and driven by insatiable curiosity.

Emily Isenberg

President + Creative Director

Emily is the Founder and Creative Director of Isenberg Projects, or in other words, the cruise director of IP who navigates client relations and supports the team and the company’s many moving pieces and projects. Founded in 2012, Emily has built Isenberg Projects into one of the northeast’s go-to firms for fresh and exciting pop-up activations, and in the process has become one of the most respected voices on thinking outside the box in real estate and in short term retail as a leader in creating distinction in the market.

Liz Woodward

Vice President

Managing the day to day details and workflow as the Vice President and Director of Operations, Liz ensures that the team executes projects flawlessly and brilliantly, all while having fun in the process. Liz loves getting creative to deliver the most exciting public art and experience based programming for both clients and their audiences. She is passionate about bringing communities together to create more inclusive and diverse neighborhoods.



From identity suites and marketing collateral to comprehensive digital campaigns and web design, Madeline is a true visual storyteller and IP’s Senior Design Director. With a passion for problem solving through visual design, Madeline creates distinctive and impactful visuals to build brand integrity, and is responsible for crafting the creative look and feel for comprehensive campaigns that communicate a brand’s values across all touch points.

Isabelle Rubin Davis

Art DiRector

As the IP Art Director, Isabelle is the creative force behind concepting and developing IP’s large scale events and public installations. She uses her passion for creating unique and playful concepts to bring the wildest ideas to life that go above and beyond client expectations. In addition, Isabelle manages the IP popup programs where she activates empty storefronts throughout Boston by finding and creating spaces that reflect brands visions.

Colby Wood

Marketing Manager

Colby works on all marketing initiatives and strategies for various projects, events and programming as the Marketing Manager at IP. While she isn’t writing up press releases and content copy, Colby works on a variety of initiatives to produce events, programming, and public art that fuel her passion for hands-on creative projects that create meaningful and impactful moments.


Urban Design Research Coordinator

As the Urban Design and Research Coordinator at IP, Marissa is involved in community engagement and outreach, works on strategic planning and communications, market research, and leads project management on various programming initiatives. Marissa loves nerding out over what makes cities work (and what doesn’t work) for the people who live in them.



Stud is the IP bookkeeper and finance manager. With over 10 years experience, Stud works closely with a variety of other small businesses and nonprofits, offering services ranging from financial projections to Quickbooks expertise. Stud’s goal working with small businesses is to take the stress of financial management away from the owners so they can focus on the work they need to do. 


 We work with an array of clients ranging from larger development groups, cultural institutions, cities and neighborhoods, to small businesses and brands.