East Boston

Neighborhood Guide


Before East Boston became the neighborhood we know today, it was a collection of five islands in the Boston Harbor. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the islands would be connected by landfill creating modern-day, “Eastie.” It has long been home to the working-class immigrants of Boston: first welcoming Russian, Italian, and Jewish populations in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and in more recent history, becoming a home to a large population of Latin American immigrants.

Today the neighborhood celebrates a diverse population and is a favorite spot for Boston young professionals. Known for welcoming restaurants from cuisines all over the world, picturesque public green spaces, and stunning visitors with breathtaking waterfront views of downtown, here are some of our favorite spots in East Boston.


Our team had enough restaurant suggestions to fill a book (or at least a decently sized pamphlet) — a testament to Eastie’s amazing food scene. Below are some suggestions that popped up a few times and we’ve included a full list of recs as a bonus.

The Quiet Few

The Quiet few is a new take on an old classic: the neighborhood bar. This first come first serve establishment is inviting and familiar and with a selection of dozens of whiskey types, cocktails, and local brews paired with jazzed up burgers, sammies, and hot dogs it’s no surprise that TQF is a crowd pleaser.

15 Warren St.

Taquería Jalisco

A casual spot serving Mexican fare, numerous reviews praise Taquería Jalisco’s authentic, delicious dishes. The birria tacos are a must have but you shouldn’t sleep on any of the dishes at this establishment.

291 Bennington St.


Eagle Hill Cafe

A neighborhood cafe serving up breakfast and lunch. Don’t miss their breakfast sandwiches or their awesome iced coffee (there’s a decaf option too).

65 Meridian St.

Rino’s Place

Rino’s classic Italian dishes makes this restaurant a favorite foodies both locally and nationally (thank their feature on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for that). Described as “ritzy” by one of our very own, try Rino’s for a nice evening out.

258 Saratoga St.

EBO & CO Grocery

EBO & CO GROCERY is a neighborhood market with everything from oysters and caviar to produce, wine, vinyl records and plants. EBO Grocery was founded by Alexis Cervasio, a Boston born, East Boston resident. She was tired of leaving her neighborhood to get “the good stuff” so she made it happen. Open 7 days a week this gem features local brands like Buenas and Dumpling Daughter.

110 Meridian St.


Helados Juli’s Frozen Dessert

This small mom and pop shop, just a short walk from the Airport MBTA station, specializes in desserts and tantalizing ice cream creations, including the Mangonada, which comes with Valentina sauce, Chamoy, chili Tajin seasoning, pureed mango and blended ice, topped with freshly shredded mango.

8 Brooks St.



There’s plenty of places to visit for history, arts, and recreation in East Boston. Here are a few of our picks:

ICA Watershed

An offshoot of ICA Boston located across the harbor, ICA Watershed, is a former copper pipe factory turned gallery free for the public during summer months. Hosting a new exhibition every year, the Watershed is a worthwhile trip because half the fun is getting there– the ICA offers a water shuttle service to the gallery with the purchase of a regular priced ticket (and a few dates for free throughout the season!). The Watershed was designed by our friends at Stack&Co.

256 Marginal St.

Piers Park

A short distance from the ICA Watershed is Piers Park, a carefully landscaped greenspace offering stunning views of the water. A pedestrian promenade borders the park alongside the water and you’ll often find visitors finding shade under one of the park’s 6 pavilions. Bonus: nearby is the Piers Park Sailing Center offering memberships and classes for both new and experienced sailors.

95 Marginal St. 


Constitution Beach

Constitution Beach is tucked away in the Orient Heights area of East Boston and offers a sandy oasis in the neighborhood. And being so close to Logan Airport visitors can see airplanes flying from the airport from the beach. Tip: If you want a little more quintessential beach vibes, hop on the Blue Line and stop by Revere Beach America’s oldest public beach.

799 Bennington St.

Belle Isle Marsh Reservation

Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is a 350-acre salt marsh and the last within Boston city limits. The site is a popular spot for birders and walkers and you can look over Logan Airport and nearby town Winthrop from the observation tower in the reservation

1399 Bennington St.

Central Park Lanes

💎⚡️ IP’s Hidden Gem 

Retro and BYOB – Central Park lanes is the place for classic candlepin bowling in Eastie. Perfect for family or a night out, CPL is a welcomed blast from the past. Bring cash!

10 Saratoga St.


If you’re coming from the other side of the harbor into Eastie, skip the traffic and take to the water and hop on a ferry going from Seaport to East Boston. It’s the perfect way to start exploring Eastie happenings with a few of our favorite things to do below:


Claiming some of the best views of Boston Harbor and Downtown, you’d be missing out if you didn’t walk part of the Harborwalk Trail in Eastie. The trail runs the length of the waterfront with stops in waterside parks and wharfs along the way. View the map here.

Tomahawk Dr.

Eastie Week

Hosted by Boston Harbor Now, Eastie Week celebrates the community and history of the neighborhood with two full weeks of free or low cost activities. The events, which include outdoor waterfront recreation, concerts, arts, and cookouts, are hosted by a variety of East Boston organizations. See 2023’s schedule here.

Various Locations

Taste of Eastie

A smorgasbord of food from 30+ East Boston restaurants, East Boston Main Streets annual event Taste of Eastie invites guests to sample Eastie delicacies while enjoying live music.

Tall Ship

A ship turned floating bar and outdoor space, Tall Ship has been a popular new destination on the East Boston Waterfront. Stop by in the evening to grab a drink and a bite from the pop up food vendors on site or a daytime live music set, or a quick workout class after work. Looking for a more traditional taproom experience? Check out Downeast Cider.

58 Pier 4 Blvd.

East Boston Greenway

💎⚡️ IP’s Hidden Gem 

The East Boston Greenway is a cycling and walking path that follows a former rail line from Piers Park to Constitution Beach. Stop at the numerous greenspaces along the path and be sure to keep an eye out for the public art that dots the Greenway.


A spotlight on a few of the organizations doing great work in the Eastie community


Formed in 1991 as a response to a wave of youth violence in Boston, ZUMIX began as a summer songwriting program. Fast forward to today, ZUMIX serves more than 500 youth per year through after-school and summer programming on offer over 40 programs. ZUMIX is active in the Eastie community as well, producing dozens of events annually including their Summer Concert series and the East Boston Latin Music & Dance Festival.

260 Summer St.

Veronica Robles Cultural Center

Founded by East Boston resident and female Mariachi singer Veronica Robles, Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) provides programming focused on celebrating Latin American culture, support youth employment, and provide opportunities for emerging artists. VROCC offers arts, music, and dance classes and events for the public throughout the year.

282 Meridian St.


Project Bread

East Boston based Project Bread’s mission is to ensure that every person in Massachusetts can afford to eat. Their services focus on connecting people to federal nutrition programs such as SNAP through outreach, advocacy and programmatic partnerships. The policy arm of the organization advocates within the state government for policies that will help end hunger.

145 Border St.

Eastie Farm

Created in 2015 Eastie Farm is a community-based non-profit dedicated to climate justice, food security, and building community resilience. They operate seven growing spaces throughout East Boston with their main plot of land being  tucked away in the Jeffries Point area. The group offers opportunities to farm, a CSA program, educational programs, food distribution, and more. 294 Sumner St.

New Moon/Full Moon Comedy Nights

💎⚡️ IP’s Hidden Gem 

A night of comedy at the Eastie Farm in collaboration with Like 2 Laugh, a stand-up comedy group. Come for the food and drinks, and stay for the laughs.