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Are you a non-profit or small business that is looking to  maximize impact within your community? 

Then you’re in the right place. We believe that the best communities are hyper collaborative and value different perspectives. This core philosophy of our business requires us to check any assumptions we have about the needs of a community, neighborhood, partner, or audience.

We push our clients to do the same, conducting intense research studies, surveys, and interviews in every area that we work in. This allows us to set an overall mission for our work, and a rigorous set of success metrics of how that mission will be actualized in engagement strategies, events, programs, and beyond. We have found this process to not only provide a better work product, but stronger bonds within the communities we’re operating within.

It has proven so valuable for our clients, that in 2022 we branched out into replicating this process for organizations through the Make It Happen creative residency – and we’re ready to do it again in 2023.


This year we’re partnering with another non-profit or small business that is looking to maximize their impact within their community. We’re offering 70 hours of agency time spread out across Q1 of 2023. This time will be tailored to the specific needs of the organization, but could include:

  • A scan of the local community’s offerings to examine gaps and saturations in programming, audiences, services and more. 
  • Mission setting through a development of programmatic pillars
  • Mission actualization and success metric development
  • Programmatic strategies tailored to targeted audiences
  • Marketing and design support
  • Website support

How it works

The residency will begin with a Discovery Phase, where we work together to outline the best use of the agency hours, what support is most needed, and what success will look like for your project and our collaboration. Together, we’ll build a project plan that includes a shareable template for deliverables and feedback, a schedule of meetings and work sessions, a list of needed assets (website, branding, content etc) and a map of the IP team workflow. While the exact plan will be tailored to the chosen project, we will have several 5-6 hour intensive working sessions to create deliverables in real time with you. 

As a part of this residency, your project will be featured throughout our blog and social media network. In addition to serving as a mentor and advocate throughout your time at IP, we will be an ongoing resource to you after your residency ends.

The application window is now closed.

YouthBuild Boston


YouthBuild Boston assists underserved young people with the essential social, vocational, academic, and life skills necessary to navigate a positive pathway to self-sufficiency, neighborhood responsibility, and careers in the building industry. YBB offers academic instruction for those who want to earn their high school equivalency credential, hands-on training in the building trades, life skills development, service leadership, and connections to industry employment and mentoring. The Make it Happen Residency will collaborate with Youth Build Boston to develop a visual identity and strengthen their marketing strategy by capturing and differentiating their passion for youth and community.

Future Chefs


In 2022 we worked with Future Chefs, an out-of-school time youth development program that prepares young people for success after high school and a lifetime of economic security. Future Chefs had just moved to a new space in a new neighborhood, and wanted to understand the best way to engage with their community.

You can read more about this work in our recent blog article:

Life Skills, Knife Skills: Lessons from the Future Chefs Kitchen. 


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