Magic happens when community members are an integral part of the changes happening around them.

We recognize that the public process does not always feel transparent or equitable, and it can be difficult to move the needle on fun creative programs when bogged down by bureaucracy. One of our main goals as a business is to make more engaging and equitable places through the creation of outlandishly fun work. It’s not easy to do, but we like pushing up against a brick wall and trying to make it move! That’s what the Isenberg Projects Make It Happen Residency is here to do.

About the 2022 make it happen residency

We’re looking for people eager to effect change in their communities, want to level the playing field, and are passionate about making the Boston area a more inclusive and equitable place. Do you have a wild idea, a creative practice, or community program that could use some support in order to Make it Happen? Let’s talk.

The IP Make it Happen Residency program is designed to assist small businesses, non-profits, artists, and activists launch community focused public projects into the world. In 2022 we will select one project to work with. As a member of the Make it Happen Residency, you’ll have access to 50 hours of agency time spread out across Q1 of 2022, access to our network and hands on support from our seasonal collaborators, and a $2500 microgrant (funded by our Mentorshop) to help support your time and idea. How this time is spent won’t look the same for everyone, and it will be designed specifically for the needs of your project, organization, or place.

How will it work?

The residency will begin with a Discovery Phase, where we work together to outline the best use of the agency hours, what support is most needed, and outline what success will look like for your project and our collaboration. We’ll build a project plan together with you, building shareable template for deliverables and feedback, scheduling a calendar of meetings, and work sessions, outline assets needed (website, branding, content etc) and map out the IP team workflow. While the exact plan will be tailored to the chosen project, we will have several 5-6 hour intensive working sessions with you to create deliverables in real time.

As a part of this residency, we’ll also feature your project updates on our blog and social media, utilize our network and serve as a mentor and advocate throughout your time at IP and as a resource after your residency ends.

What can we make happen?
  • Supporting a community project through help permitting, logistical support and project management training, graphic design/branding, websites, marketing plans, etc
  • Outlining opportunities and strategies for your small business or nonprofit 
  • Strategic Planning for your organization
  • Grant writing or help with 501c3 incorporation 
  • Market segmentation within your industry
  • Creating a marketing and activation strategy for your business, place, or project
  • Assisting an artist create or permit a mural
  • Getting a new product to market through sourcing, website development, marketing plans, etc
  • A rebrand for a small business or nonprofit 
About You:
  • You’re passionate about making Boston a more creative, inspiring, inclusive and equitable place
  • You are solutions oriented and have a curious mind
  • You’re eager and excited to learn and empower others
  • You probably wear a lot of different hats, but some of those may be an entrepreneur, an activist, artist, community member, executive director etc
  • You want to uplift your community and create meaningful social impact
  • You embrace all elements of co-creation, including iteration and constructive criticism
  • You can commit to regular conversations and meetings
About Your Project:
  • It’s based in Boston, or the Northeast
  • It fills a need in your community or neighborhood
  • It has a public engagement component 
  • It’s responsive, self-aware, and builds on what’s already working in your community


We’ve received so many inspiring applications for the Make It Happen Residency. Thank you for giving us the opportunity learn more about a community all working towards building creativity, equity and inclusivity.

The review process is ongoing and we’ll announce a winner by the end of the month. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can shop our limited run of playful sweatshirts to support the Make It Happen Residency microgrant.


BOSTON, MA 02111