Photo credit: Joshua Duttweiler

We are honored to have been included in Area Code Art Fair, the the first art fair exclusively featuring contemporary artists with ties to New England. If you recently drove or walked past our office (that we miss so much!!!!), you may have caught a glimpse of the two pieces of artwork that we hosted as part of The Storefront Projects, a showcase of New England graduate students whose launch of their artistic careers was adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Such projects were displayed in local storefronts across Greater Boston neighborhoods from August 1-31, providing FREE opportunities to discover exceptional art by foot, bike, public transit or car — in partnership with Space Us, curated by Jen Mergel

Shadrach”, created by Boston-based artist Charles Suggs is a split-screen video that explores the story of Shadrach Minkins, a Black man who escaped slave catchers in Boston with the help of Black citizens in 1850. 

It’s Not Ok I’m Here” is a site-specific installation that acts as an admittance of the designer’s and installer’s own white privilege. The work — which was displayed on our garage door windows as well as throughout greater Boston — was designed by Joshua Duttweiler, a designer based in Somerville, MA.

See more on Area Code’s website or @areacodeartfair!