Valentine’s Day is a special one for us at the IP studio. It’s a day we not only take to spread the love (and candy) to our team, but also to our clients! After the Isenbear debut on February 14, 2019, we knew we needed to step up our V day game for 2020. We did this by not only adding to the Isenbear crew, but by designing our first ever ice cream experience, in collaboration with our friends at Gracie’s Ice Cream, that would be hand delivered to our clients in the most extravagant way we knew how.

We concepted the flavor profile, texture, and design of the ice cream to what we felt best resembled our company. The flavor was wild and delicious with a combination of a spicy rich chocolate base, scattered lighting bolt crunches, and a soft and squishy marshmallow fluff center. The best part? The velvety black color that ended up temporarily staining our mouths, adding an additional comedy while sharing with friends. 

We scattered these pints around in the best way we could imagine, by our fleet of Isenbears! Complete with a special Valentine’s day dance, we spread love and appreciation in unexpected ways to the people who have supported our journey as a company.