Bulfinch Crossing Underpass

A Projection Project under the Government Center Garage




The Bulfinch Crossing Projections were created in an effort to bring light to the underpass of the Government Center Garage and to create an unmatched public art installation in the Boston area. With a dedication to supporting local artists and contributing to the local Boston art landscape, we consulted with Bulfinch Crossing developers, National Real Estate Advisors and The HYM Investment Group, to create a one of a kind projection installation for the busy Government Center Garage underpass on Congress Street. This public art installation has brought color, light and energy to the underpass of the garage, as a nod to the future of the site and the deconstruction of the garage which will shine daylight on Congress Street for the first time in forty years.

From dusk to dawn, the underpass was illuminated by 23 projectors shooting 345,000 lumens out onto the beams of the underpass, mapping out the custom created art produced by highly regarded local artists. After a successful five month installation showcasing the artwork of Boston based artist, Zebbler, the underpass at One Congress Street presented its second transformation with another Boston based artist, Pamela Hersch. This enriching public art installation, experience by foot, was enjoyed by thousands of pedestrians, tourists, office and residential tenants alike as they passed through the government center garage triangle on a daily basis.

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